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VIDEO: The Landmark Ruling on Reform Institutions
- Israel Broadcast Authority interviewed IRAC Legal Department Director Einat Hurwitz on our victory in the High Court of Justice for the funding of Reform and Conservation conversion institutions.

VIDEO: Israel: Sexist Segregation on the bus
- France24 International News interviewed IRAC attorney Orly Erez-Likhovski on our work against gender-segregated buses.

VIDEO: Yozma's Synagogue Landing
- Modi'in's Congregation Yozma receiving the first-ever government funded Reform synagogue building.

VIDEO: The Legal Aid Centers for Olim (New Immigrants)

- The Legal Aid Center for Olim, a department of the Israel Religious Action Center, provides pro-bono legal assistance to new Israeli immigrants. Its primary activities include: gaining recognition of Reform and Conservative conversions, resolving Jewish status issues, and defending their rights to bring their children, spouses, and elderly parents to Israel.

VIDEO: Praying in Her Own Voice: Women of the Wall
- Directed by Yael Katzir and produced by Dan Katzir and Ravit Markus. This powerful film documents the courageous struggle of the famed "Women of the wall" movement. This group has spearheaded the battle for female equality in the religious world.

VIDEO: Sneak Peeks from "The Black Bus"
- This is a very first peeks into Anat Zuria's upcoming fim "The Black Bus."  The film will deal with the fundamentalistic ultra-orthodox's separation between men and women in public space in...

VIDEO: The Trailer for the "Faces of Israel"

- Faces of Israel is an exciting and interactive documentary intended for a wide audience, from shul-goers to university and high school students to unaffiliated members of the Jewish community. The film poses a series of questions on hot topics surrounding what it means to live in both a Jewish and democratic state.  It answers these questions through interviews with Israelis ranging from openly gay secular university students to leaders in the Conservative movement to Ultra-Orthodox Jews, including exclusive footage with Israel’s Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi.

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