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As a part of our advocacy work, the Israel Religious Action Center partners with many organizations that share our ideals.

IRAC is a member of several coalitions:

The Coalition Against Racism is a group of over 20 Israeli organizations dedicated to fighting racism in Israel.  The Coalition's goals are primarily to help change public opinion against racism and to lobby against racist proposals.  The Coalition organizes conferences in the Knesset attended regularly by various MKs from different parties as well as issues letters to Israel's legal system to prosecute against those employed by the state who abuse their position to incite racism.

The Struggle Against Darkness is a coalition of Jewish organizations that came together to combat extremism and racism in Israel, particularly that which comes from groups who claim to speak on behalf of Judaism.

IRAC's Legal and Public Policy Department participate with several other organizations in creating a new coalition called Atid Meshutaf - Shared Future, which focuses on establishing common ground between Israel's Jewish and Arab societies in order to advance toward a more cooperative future.

The coalition’s goals are primarily to help change public opinion against racism and to lobby against racist proposals

The following list includes our past and current partner organizations:
(partial list, listed alphabetically)

Agenda - Israeli Center for Strategic Communications
Association for Civil Rights in Israel
Bimkom - Planners for Planning Rights
Bina - Center for Jewish Identity and Hebrew Culture
Coalition to Prevent Hot Return of Sudanese Refugees
Forum for Arab Education in the Negev
Forum for Freedom of Choice in Marriage
Forum of Department Heads of Welfare in the Arab Sector
Forum to End Nutritional Insecurity in Israel
Hemdat - the Council for Freedom of Religion in Israel
Hotline for Migrant Workers
International Coalition for Agunah Rights
Jerusalem Open House for Pride and Tolerance
Kollot - Empowerment for the Disabled
Masorti Movement in Israel
Menucha Nechona
Midrasha b'Oranim
Mossawa - The Advocacy Center for Arab Citizens in Israel
New Israel Fund
PTA of Bedouin in the Negev
Panim - The Institute for Jewish Leadership and Values
Tebeka - Advocacy for Equality & Justice for Ethiopian Israelis
Water Coalition
Women’s Budgets Forum
Yedid - The Association for Community Empowerment
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