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Burial Plot Corruption

IRAC Wins Case for Family Overcharged by Burial Society

 (IRAC versus the Chevra Kadisha-Kiryat Motzkin)
            Opened: February 2006, IRAC involvement April 2007
            Decision: February 17, 2009
            Issues: Corruption, Burial
Facts of the Case:
A recent widow wanted to purchase a burial plot next to her husband’s grave. The Burial Society charged her three times as much as the law permits because it was a new cemetery and they believed the law was inaccurate. The widow paid the exorbitant amount in order to guarantee that she would be able to be buried next to her husband in the future.
The Issue:
The Burial Society took the law into their own hands and decided what they believed the price for a plot should be. They illegally overcharged for burial plots.
This case began in a Small Claims Court and when the court ruled that the Burial Society must return the money to the widow, the Burial Society asked for permission to appeal the case in the District Court. In District Court, IRAC successful defended the widow, whereby the court ruled in our favor, affirming the decision of the Small Claims Court. The District Court acknowledged that while the law regarding the burial plot costs might be outdated, the Burial Society had no right to charge differently.


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