Holding Public Servants Accountable

October 10, 2020

Keywords: Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, Supreme Court, Victory, Disciplinary action, City rabbi, Incitement, Arabs, Women, LGBTQ, Israel Defense Forces, IDF, Chief Justice Miriam Naor, Chief Justice Esther Hayut, Safed, Justice Alex Stein, Justice Yitzhak Amit, Ayelet Shaked, Amir Ohana, Anat Hoffman

anat with mic - credit Lacey Ann Johnson
We Dissent

September 22, 2020

Keywords: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Dissent, Court loss, Hijab, Racial profiling, Israel Railways, Police, Discrimination, Racism, Racism Crisis Center, RCC, Appeal, Anat Hoffman

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Swimming Against the Current in the New Year

September 17, 2020

Keywords: Rosh Hashana, Shana Tova, Swimming, Anat Hoffman

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A Giant Leap Towards Reform Recognition in Israel

September 14, 2020

Keywords: Covid-19, Coronavirus, Neighborhood rabbis, Kehilat Shoham, Reform congregations, Rosh Hashana, Supreme Court, Victory, Land allocation, Anat Hoffman

A Taste of Their Own Medicine

September 7, 2020

Keywords: Covid-19, Coronavirus, Incitement, Ultra-Orthodox, Haredim, Yisrael Eichler, Moshe Gafni, Yaacov Asher, Reform Movement, Conservative Movement, Women of the Wall, Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, Pandemic, Ruth Messinger, Genesis Prize, Anat Hoffman

anat with mic - credit Lacey Ann Johnson
Gender Discrimination Made Easy (Jet)

August 31, 2020

Keywords: Melanie Wolfson, Rights on Flights, Gender discrimination, Easy Jet, Ultra-Orthodox, Haredim, Renee Rabinowitz, El Al, Ruth Messinger, Genesis Prize, Anat Hoffman

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The Ministry of the Interior Shows its True Colors

August 25, 2020

Keywords: Emerging Jewish communities, Abayudaya, Uganda, Jews of the Amazon, Peru, Adat Israel, Guatemala, LACO, Legal Aid Center for Olim, Converts, Conversion, Reform Movement, Conservative Movement, WUPJ, World Union for Progressive Judaism, Jews of color, Supreme Court, Ministry of the Interior, Aliyah, Yosef Kibita, Jewish Agency for Israel, Israeli citizens, Diaspora Jewry, Wedding, Municipality of Jerusalem, LGBTQ, Chief Rabbinate, Anat Hoffman

How IRAC is Helping Reform Congregations in Israel

August 17, 2020

Keywords: IMPJ, The Israel Movement for Progressive and Reform Judaism, Reform Congregations, Covid-19, Coronavirus, Discrimination, Yuval Gedera Congregation, Kehilat Bavat Haayin, Rosh Haayin, Kehilat Shoham, Kodesh VeChol, Holon, Inequality, Synagogues, Paula Edelstein, Anat Hoffman

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Censoring the Phone Book

August 10, 2020

Keywords: The Music Man, Trouble, Kosher cell phones, Haredim, Ultra-Orthodox, Censorship, The Rabbinical Committee of Communications, Monopoly, Minister of Communication, Competition Authority, Registrar of Associations, Anat Hoffman

anat with mic - credit Lacey Ann Johnson
Groom, Bride and Prejudice in Jerusalem

August 3, 2020

Keywords: Covid-19, Coronavirus, Wedding, Marriage, Chief Rabbinate, LGBTQ, Ofer Erez, Jerusalem, Anat Hoffman

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Another Family Reunited

July 27, 2020

Keywords: Covid-19, Coronavirus, LACO, Legal Aid Center for Olim, Belgium, Visa, Conversion, Convert, Anat Hoffman

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You Can't Be What You Can't See

July 20, 2020

Keywords: Gender segregation, Gender discrimination, Sexism, Clinic, Medical, Treatment, Advertisement, Doctors, Nurses, HMOs, Ramot, Jerusalem, Bet Shemesh, Beit Shemesh, Anat Hoffman

Doctor's Orders and a New Webinar

July 13, 2020

Keywords: Covid-19, Coronavirus, Hotels, Quarantine, Ethnicity, Racism, Segregation, IDF, Racism Crisis Center, RCC, Heroes of Health, Anat Hoffman, Rabbi Noa Sattath

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From Iraq to IRAC

July 6, 2020

Keywords: LACO, Legal Aid Center for Olim, Anat Hoffman

pride 2020 usembassy.jpeg
Flagging Down Intolerance

June 29, 2020

Keywords: Pride, Jerusalem, US Embassy, Pride flags, Anat Hoffman

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Taking Gender Segregation to the Grave

June 22, 2020

Keywords: Gender Segregation, Edna Shemesh, Israeli Government, Anat Hoffman

Ofer picture.jpeg
IRAC Proudly Presents

June 15, 2020

Keywords: Pride Month, Ofer Erez, IRAC Director of Public Policy and Outreach, Anat Hoffman

anat with mic - credit Lacey Ann Johnson
IRAC's Footwork for Democracy

June 8, 2020

Keywords: Democracy, Israeli Government, Anat Hoffman

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IRAC Seizes a Rare Opportunity

June 1, 2020

Keywords: Israeli Government, Anat Hoffman

Saying Goodbye to a Hero

May 25, 2020

Keywords: Renee Rabinowitz, Rights on Flights, Anat Hoffman

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Come Government or High Water

May 18, 2020

Keywords: Israeli politics, government, Knesset, Anat Hoffman

Three Babies and a Statement

May 11, 2020

Keywords: Marriage equality, Three Weddings and a Statement, Anat Hoffman

anat with mic - credit Lacey Ann Johnson
It's All About You

May 5, 2020

Keywords: #GivingTuesdayNow, Thank you, Anat Hoffman

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Carrying a Torch

May 4, 2020

Keywords: Yom Haatzmaut, Chabad, Gender discrimination, Anat Hoffman

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Celebrating Truths

April 29, 2020

Keywords: Yom Haatzmaut, Anat Hoffman

Eternal Optimists

April 20, 2020

Keywords: Corona, Covid-19, Anat Hoffman

anat with mic - credit Lacey Ann Johnson
A Modern Day Passover Story

April 7, 2020

Keywords: Corona, Covid-19, Legal Aid Center for Olim, LACO, Passover, Pesach, Anat Hoffman

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Our Lodestars

March 31, 2020

Keywords: Corona, Covid-19, Legal Aid Center for Olim, LACO, Passover, Pesach, Anat Hoffman

Social Justicing While Social Distancing

March 25, 2020

Keywords: Corona, Covid-19, Anat Hoffman

anat with mic - credit Lacey Ann Johnson
Mother and Son Reunion

March 16, 2020

Keywords: Legal Aid Center for Olim, LACO, family reunification, Anat Hoffman

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Together Apart

March 9, 2020

Keywords: Corona, Covid-19, travel, California, Peninsula Temple Sholom, Anat Hoffman

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Anything You Can Do

March 2, 2020

Keywords: Elections, WZC Elections 2020, Anat Hoffman

By Any Other Name

February 25, 2020

Keywords: Racism, Gett Mehadrin, lawsuit against Gett, Anat Hoffman

anat with mic - credit Lacey Ann Johnson
IRAC Railroads Israel Railways

February 17, 2020

Keywords: Gender discrimination, lawsuit against Israel Railways, Maya Melitz, Anat Hoffman

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IRAC Teaches a Lesson

February 10, 2020

Keywords: Education, discrimination against Progressive Judaism, Anat Hoffman

anat lowres2.jpg
Now You See Me?

February 3, 2020

Keywords: Racism, Racism Crisis Center, Anat Hoffman

"What Can I Do For Israel?"

January 27, 2020

Keywords: World Zionist Congress elections 2020, ARZA, vote, Anat Hoffman

anat with mic - credit Lacey Ann Johnson
IRAC Strikes Gold

January 20, 2020

Keywords: Rabbi Miri Gold, equal treatment of Reform and Conservative rabbis, the Reform congregation of Shoham, Anat Hoffman

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Father Jewish, Mother ...less

January 13, 2020

Keywords: Rabbi Yitzhak Yosef, Russian olim, patrilineal Jews, Legal Aid Center for Olim (LACO), Anat Hoffman

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IRAC Combats Doublethink

January 6, 2020

Keywords: The Jewish Identity Administration, the Ministry of Religious Services, Reform Movement, discrimination, Anat Hoffman

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