Anat Hoffman, Executive Director

Anat Hoffman has served as the Executive Director of IRAC since April 2002. She previously served as a member of the Jerusalem City Council for 14 years, and she is one of the only women in Israel who served three terms on a city council. During those years, Anat built a reputation for being an effective and courageous fighter for social justice and equality as part of the opposition. Anat chose to devote her adult life to the Jewish value of Tikkun Olam, repairing the world. Parallel to these positions, she was active in important social organizations such as the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, the Israel Women's Network, and Women in Black. Beginning in 1988, she served as Chairwoman of Women of the Wall, who fight for the rights of women to pray, read Torah, and wear talitot (prayer shawls) at the Western Wall.

Anat Hoffman, as a girl, was an Israeli swimming champion, and since has preserved a strong connection with the world of sports, specifically the topic of women in sports. Over the years, Anat has become an authority on the issue of women in the media and advertising. As an active and traditional Reform Jew, Anat tries to offer the Israeli public a modern alternative, contemporary and egalitarian, to Orthodox Judaism. She has fought against religious coercion, and for religious pluralism, while serving on Jerusalem's City Council. and was one of the founders of Women of the Wall. This world view continues to guide her as Executive Director of IRAC.

Anat is a highly-requested speaker in Israel and abroad. Her lectures for government offices, colleges, and social justice organization in Israel, as well as Jewish communities and organizations abroad, deal with social justice, the battle for religious pluralism and the status of women in Israel. Similarly, she is invited to discussions on the status of women in the Knesset.

Anat has a BA in psychology from UCLA. She lives in Jerusalem and is the mother of three.

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