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Bringing Anat to your community is a great way to support Israel and learn first-hand about the beauty and the complexity of life in Israel.


In her talks, Anat addresses various issues that will interest anyone who cares about Israel: gender segregation in the public sphere, the battle of the liberal movements for recognition, social justice, and equal rights for minorities.

Anat goes on three fundraising trips a year to North America.Trips to Europe, Australia and South America will be considered by request.

Because Anat travels abroad to raise funds for IRAC, we ask each congregation which hosts Anat for a donation of $10,000 for IRAC's work plus travel expenses and accommodations. The funds can come from the congregation itself, can be pooled in partnership with other congregations in the area, or contributed by sponsors.

We understand that not all communities can afford to bring Anat, but spreading IRAC's message is of great importance. You can also invite Rabbi Noa Sattath, Director of IRAC, to come speak in your community about our work. We ask each congregation which hosts Rabbi Noa for a donation of $2,000 plus travel expenses and accommodations. 


If you would like us to speak in your community, please fill out the form below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I choose the date of Anat's talk?

Anat travels to North America three times a year and her trips are planned approximately a year ahead of time. We will make every effort to include your community on her itinerary, but contact us as far ahead of time as possible with specific date requests using the form below.

What topics may Anat talk about with my community?

Find a list of Anat's recent talks here.

What is required  during a visit from an IRAC speaker?

Aside from the above listed donations, we will expect you to arrange transportation to and from the event as well as pick up and drop off from the airport. During the event itself, we request to receive a list of those who were in attendance. 

How do I create awareness once an IRAC speaker is booked?

We ask that you publicize the speaker's biography and photo in advance of their visit. In addition, our social media team will work with you to create an event on Facebook and integrate it into our website and newsletters.

What about media?

Anat will be happy to talk to different media both before and during her visit. Send us the articles once published and we will ensure they receive further exposure. Contact Karen Saar to arrange a time for a phone interview.

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