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Tips from communities that invited us to speak


  1. Decide which arm of the congregation is the main sponsor of the event.

  2. Make sure you have the support of the majority of that group and of other matchers in the congregation.

  3. Work on the financials: Can your group cover the entire cost? Can you find a co-sponsor: another committee within the congregation? Another congregation, Jewish or not? A college or university? A Jewish organization in your city?

  4. Write proposals for outside funding to foundations.

  5. Solicit support from individuals in the congregation.



  1. You need to start working on this as early as possible.

  2. Plan your time with Anat as long before she arrives as possible. What site in your town to show off, etc. Leave time for resting.


Working with IRAC

 The staff at IRAC is very easy to work with - just remember when Shabbat is in Israel, when the office will be closed, and plan accordingly


To the prime organizer: DON’T DO IT ALL YOURSELF!

  1. Find people to go with you when you show Anat around – the more the merrier. They should pay their own way for lunch, museums, etc.

  2. Have others organize a reception, if you have one. If it’s Sisterhood, involve folks by asking them to bake (don’t jump on me for being traditional).

  3. Make sure to leave time for Anat to talk to the rabbi and important others.

  4. Do a dinner with the major donors.

Muriel Lederman

Little Rock, AR