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Fundraise or Make a Donation

The Israel Religious Action Center relies on donations to continue legal and public activism in our work to advance pluralism in Israeli society. Your donations are a sincere expression of faith in our work and we greatly appreciate your support!

Many people who donate to IRAC wish that they could do more to help us continue our work.  Celebrating a birthday or bar/bat mitzvah, an anniversary or graduation? Use any occasion to help support the Israel Religious Action Center and encourage your friends and family to give! 

Get Creative

There are many other fun ways to raise money, we have included some ideas below to help you brainstorm different fundraising possibilities. Click here to access graphics and informational resources to help with your fundraising campaign.

Golf Outing

Golf tournaments are fun and engaging fundraising events. You can charge an entrance fee for individuals or teams and sell refreshments to raise some extra money. Once the tournament is over, you can give a speech or an informal talk about IRAC and ask for additional donations from your participants.

Synagogue field day/picnic

A community picnic can be a fun family event and is a great way to get to know your congregation better. It is also an excellent opportunity to educate them about IRAC and to raise money. You can plan for traditional games like an egg-toss, potato sack race, tug-o-war, three-legged race, water balloon games, or you can make up your own field day games! Charge an admission fee or charge per game at the event. 

Walk With Israel

Many synagogues host "Walk With Israel" events on or around Yom Ha'atzmaut, Israeli Independence Day. Use this event to raise funds for IRAC 

Purim Carnival Silent Auction

Hold a silent auction at your synagogue's next Purim Carnival. Ask local businesses and individuals if they would like to donate items to your silent auction. Common items include gift cards, sports memorabilia,  gift baskets, and more!

Trivia Night

You can host a trivia night at your synagogue or by partnering with a local bar or restaurant. Advertise in advance and charge an admission fee.

Holding a fundraiser for the Israel Religious Action Center? Be sure to let us know! 

Ways to send your donations

There are a variety of ways for you to send us the donations you collected from your fundraiser, click here to view them. You may also use the same page for making personal donations.