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Know your Rights on Flights


In less than a week, I will be leaving Israel for the first time since I arrived in January. I will be flying to Rome, and then on to Barcelona to visit friends over my Passover break. I will have my first real solo travel experience, and the opportunity to explore two amazing cities. Unfortunately, I will have to deal with the hassle that can be international air travel. However, some travelers to and from Israel have dealt with much worse things than flight delays, cancellations, and luggage restrictions.

In 2015, Renee Rabinowitz, a Holocaust survivor, was flying back to Tel Aviv from Newark on an El Al flight, when she was asked to move her seat by a flight attendant because the Haredi man in the seat beside her refused to sit next to her. She ended up moving, but a few weeks later, decided to sue after attending a talk with Anat Hoffman, IRAC’s Executive Director. She won this case, and El Al (and any other airline) can no longer pressure people to change their seats because of their gender.

Just this week, IRAC released a video informing passengers of their rights on flights, and explaining the case of Renee Rabinowitz. The video presents the issue in a very snarky and sarcastic manner, while also getting its point across very well. . If you’re travelling over Pesach, please watch this video and make sure you know what your rights are, and what you can do to make sure the airline complies with the law.

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