Seeking Brave and Visionary Business Owners and Organizations

IRAC is looking for brave and visionary business owners and organizations to be the first to take the leap and implement the Voluntary Code for Equality and Diversity in their places of business. Know someone who may fit this description? Just copy paste the message below, or send your own message to your friends and contacts in Israel.

Dear friend,

I’m turning to you personally to take part in an innovative and pioneering project that could change the face of Israeli society.

What happens between workers at the water cooler in the office is often more influential than what happens in the Knesset. That is why creating an equal and diverse work environment is so important.

I am a proud supporter of the Israel Religious Action Center (IRAC), the public and legal advocacy arm of the Reform Movement in Israel. IRAC advances pluralism in Israeli society and defends the freedoms of conscience, faith and religion. Today, it is the leading Jewish organization advocating for a broadly inclusive Israeli society.

IRAC recently published a report documenting the success of coexistence in Israel’s healthcare sector. It is not only a safe and shared space for people of all cultures, it is also an industry of professionalism and excellence. They found that one of the critical elements in the health industry is the organizational culture cultivated by hospitals, which has zero tolerance for racism and rewards innovation and success.

In order to replicate the success of coexistence in the healthcare sector, IRAC recently partnered with the Ministry of Labor and the Department for Employment Equity in the Israel Institute of Standards and Measurements to create the Voluntary Code for Equality and Diversity in the Workplace. The code includes guidelines to help companies implement the various provisions of anti-discrimination and equality laws, turning the legal language into practical tools that can be used in the workplace and service areas. Companies who adopt the voluntary code will receive a certificate of quality from the Institute of Standards and Measurements.


IRAC is now looking for brave and visionary business owners, university professionals, or organization heads to take the leap and be the first employers to implement the Voluntary Code for Equality and Diversity in their place of business.

I strongly encourage you to contact Tal Rosner ( for more information about how to adopt the code in your business or organization.

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