Racism Crisis Center

IRAC is embarking on a new ground-breaking project, a Racism Crisis Center, to provide one address for victims and witnesses of incidents of racism to turn to and to fully understand this troubling phenomenon which is rising in Israel.

IRAC sees racism as one of the greatest threats to Israeli society today. Racism has multiple manifestations; it ranges from graffiti to employment discrimination and from harassment to violent hate crimes. Various populations in Israel suffer from racism, foremost Arab citizens, but also people of Ethiopian and Russian background, Mizrachi Jews, asylum seekers, migrant workers, and others.

IRAC, in partnership with the Coalition Against Racism in Israel, launched a major ground-breaking project - a Racism Crisis Center that will provide support in cases of discrimination, hate speech, and hate crimes against minority populations and collect data on the growing phenomenon of racism - in August 2017. Through this endeavor, we aim to:

  • Increase access to support and justice for victims: Victims of racism can find recourse in the Israeli legal system, however assistance and information are currently not accessible or available at one address and in multiple languages. To be knowledgeable about their rights and receive the assistance they need to deal with a complex and sometimes hostile bureaucracy. The Racism Crisis Center will create the bridge that will allow people to better understand and access their rights, and will provide one address to turn to for all information and inquiries.

  • Understand the phenomenon of racism: The Racism Crisis Center will enable us to better understand and address racism and its manifestations by collecting comprehensive data and by creating the knowledge-base that will map out all racist incidents throughout the country and all available means for recourse.

  • Bring about recognition for the growing problem of racism: When bringing about social change, the first step is "naming" - defining and describing the social problem that needs to be addressed. The Racism Crisis Center will be instrumental in creating the public mind-shift necessary to ensure racism is branded as immoral and illegal and recognized for its significant negative impact on Israeli society.

The Racism Crisis Center serves both victims of racism and people who wish to report hate crimes and discrimination they witnessed. Services are provided in 5 languages - Hebrew, Arabic, Russian, Amharic and English, and include a call center that is open twice a week, continuous communication by email, and a website and Facebook page with clear and accessible information.

Our long-term vision is for the Racism Crisis Center to be operational 24/7, and to expand activities to include professional training, research, the publication of an annual report about the phenomenon of racism in Israel, advocacy to influence and initiate policies regarding racism, and campaigns designed to create a public mind shift that racism is beyond the pale. With this major endeavor, we aim to achieve for the phenomenon of racism what the model of the Rape Crisis Center has done for sexual abuse and harassment.

For more information, visit the Racism Crisis Center website here.

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